Email Marketing for Crypto StartUps

Email Marketing is the cheapest and one of the effective marketing option, gives you the best return on the investment, you should consider email marketing for your blockchain startup because it provides an effective connection with your targeted crypto audience. Reach out to your potential customers and keep them updated on your crypto company’s latest deals and news.

The digital marketers agree at one point that email is one of the most effective communication method for their business, especially for ROI and for developing long lasting profitable relationships with the audience, that’s the reason why a personalized Email marketing campaign have been as important as online advertising which uplifts the branding value, increases the brand awareness and hence drives conversion.

NCryptBit Mail Marketing

At NCryptBit, we have email marketing experts who use effective tools, build the best strategy, work on the implementation method and tracking in order to achieve the best possible brand engagement for your ICO or blockchain based business.

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Crypto Email List

    After researching over a year and communication we manually created a list of 300,000 cryptocurrency users.

  • 100% valid list
  • 0 spam bots (cleaned)
  • 0 disposable inboxes (cleaned)
  • 0 invalid email addresses (cleaned)
  • 0% chances of getting blacklisted after using this list

If you need consultation, want to discuss the crypto startup idea, feel free to submit your details through contact form, We want to buy with confidence. It’s easy get boost your ICO, Cryto startups, Don’t wait, Get a Quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

We don't sell/rent the email list to anyone and we do verify if your ICO campaign is really genuine, instead we run the campaign using our own software plus own server. We make sure every campaign is following ICANN guidelines.
Don't worry, we have a clean list of cryptocurrency audiences, which we collected through different resources live subscriber form, paid campaign and extracted from linkedin. That's quite useful and always fruitful for Cryto email marketing campaign.
Sincere Apologies but we don't provide or run any trial campaign. Simply purchase the email credits to get started with a campaign. We will give 10% discount on 1st campaign.
Even if two people in the crypto industry sent the same email at the same time, same content, there is a possibility of very different open rates due to factors like list quality and personal relationship. the average open rate was 20.2 percent. Typically we do get 20- 30 percent email open rates, this is the best open rate considering any industry.
Nope. You are under no obligation to sign a contract or commit to a certain period of time when signing up for our email marketing services. You do however have to review and agree to our Terms of Service, which is described on this page.
Getting started is easy – you can be up and running with NCryptBit email marketing service in no time. Simply SignUp and open a ticket to billing team. The pricing is list wise and in very simple format US$149 / 5000 subscribers, we will manage and run everything from our own end.
NCryptBit is an established agency, worked with several successful campaign, the companies trusted our campaign. We will provide the complete report of the campaign, the list section will be masked to protect the privacy of the subscriber. The result will be fruitful you will witness after the campaign..

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