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The current cryptocurrency market is crashing hard and in the current scenario investors are increasingly fickle. The ability to retain investors for the long term drives valuation which lies in the business plan, financial plan and go to market strategy. To help those willing to connect investors, we've identified key points of investor marketing strategy through which we are bringing the investments to crypto start-ups.

Gain a Competitive Advantage

The rapid growth in the cryptocurrency space attracted professionals to explore the business possibilities but often they find it's tough to begin the research to connect crypto investors. Through our strategic marketing plan, We make sure that investors goals are met through your crypto startup's touch point so that they will provide the capital to plan & execute your vision.

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What You Can Expect for Your Project

1. Let you know if your project is viable for larger investors (some companies are a solution in search of a problem, and these we cannot help)

2. If we can help, make direct introductions to investors that are actually seeking what you have. Without doing the research up front, all you are doing is shot-gunning the wrong investors and wasting precious time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In the current market small & retail investors are not interested to invest any more, it doesn't mean that investors are completely out of scene. Our target investors includes institutional investors, hedge funds, family offices, VCs and private investors and they have good money to invest, all they need an idea in which they can see their future and ROI.
We start with white-paper analysis, followed by business plan and investor pitch deck writing & designing. Once documents are ready, our team start sorting process according to investor interest and funding requirements, then start pitching them, discuss over phone and do meetings. If the idea interests them we introduce them to startup team.
After our process of investment pitching, if the investor is ready to invest in the startup, we introduce them to startup team according to the preferred mode of communication requested by the investor.
Since we are connecting only big investors, you can expect minimum US$100,000 from each of investors and maximum amount can go up to US$ 1000,000/investor. It's up to the start up team how they deal with the investors after we introduce them.
It's quite simple, just collect to our representative and pass your documents, we analyse your startup idea, after some research we can start working on the campaign.
The compensation model we follow is a combination of an upfront fee and success fee. Please contact our sales team through contact page
Sincere apologies, but we don't follow this model, the campaign lasts till 90 days and we have to take care of marketing team and efforts made by them. we can assure that the service is 1000% ROI is guranteed.

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