ICO Marketing Services

NCryptBit provides complete marketing solutions for your ICO project, NCryptBit has team of experts to guide you from scratch till the end of your coin launch. Even if you have already launched your ICO campaign, we can help you to grow your online community and build the audience so that your ICO campaign should be successful. Our expert professionals will advise you to implement the best strategy to achieve your goal in the blockchain industry.

Blockchain is still new industry which has some specific techniques which is very different from other industries. It needs efforts to get ranked in the niche to get the specific desired result. These tactics are focused on collective efforts to driving direct and measurable result to drive the sales of ico token sales. The campaign includes following:

ICO Complete Marketing Services

  • Whitepaper Writing
  • Landing Page Development
  • Explainer Video Development
  • ICO Listing Services
  • Email Marketing Services
  • Bounty Programs
  • Content Creation & Marketing
  • PR Writing & Distribution
  • Community Building & Management
  • Post ICO Community Management
ico marketing

If you are launching an ICO, we must take initiative to educate the people to educate about the project and it's future prospects, it;s important to make them aware that the token is legitimate initiative. Connect NCryptBit in case you are looking for exceptional team to build a strong reputation for your token sale campaign, NCryptBit is the partner you are in need.

Frequently Asked Questions

The sole aim of ICO marketing is to present and give logical answer to prospective token sale investors about the viability of the ICO project to be funded. This can be done by presenting the audience with a detailed whitepaper, details of important campaign milestones, specific dates and benefits that are likely to impress the investors for token sale campaign.

Now a days, it became important to create more awareness campaigns because of existing competition as well as scams in the blockchain industry.
An awesome, well organised and clean website is very important to spread the knowledge about the ICO project, problem and it's solution, product, services, team, milestone, project timeline, team and funding process and aspects. We have to update the future and targeted audiences to become the investor while having adequate information about token sale terms, pricing data, token supply and it's distribution.

Apart from this, we have to make the investors aware of the team behind the ICO project, their experience and every detail about it as people do believe in people and invest in people not in a project. To mention these all we need some space where we can put all these information in an organised way that can impress the potential investors to believe in the project.
We need to buld a commnunity to discuss about the ICO project, give updates about the ICO project and token sale campaign, take feedbacks from the community to improve the ICO campaign. We have to build the community to different social media and forusm which will influence the campaign, boost the marketing campaign. communitites on different social media is important as it's cost effective yet powerful way to spread the awareness as well as keep the investors infomed about the project progress.
ICO calender provides best and latest information about ICO token sale campaigns, these are kept as scheduled on a particular date. There are hundreds of ICO listing sites who offer ICO calender listing which helps the prospective investors about the ICOs.
It's important to ensure that all the updates about ICO project are provided to the investors. We need to educate people, the potential investors for an specific ICO and this could be done through regular posts, blogs and socail media networking websites. Contents play an important role and very effecive way to establishing the connection between the ICO project and the investors.

Press Releases are important to spread the latest news about the ICO campaign which must be unbiased when they have been read. The ICO investors, journalist keep looking for powerful ICO project to be covered in top media sites. All we have to create a powerful Press Release content which can create buzz in the industry.
Bounty programs became very powerful tool to promote the ICO campaign and make it viral. during ICO campaign, we kep some amount or tokens in reserve to provide as compensation for a number of tasks spread across marketing, bug reporting or improving the aspects of cryptocurrency framework. The reward usually in the form of cryptocurrency token or fiat currency.
The budget will vary according to niche, project, small business or large incorporation. It also depends on its functionality which is variable. Usually people who did past kept 10% to 15% reserve of ICO marketing campaign, in fiat money it should will vary between US$ 50,000 to US$ 500,000.
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