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ICO Whitepaper is an important document that defines the business ideology and work flow of any blockchain project, in fact this document is most important of your ICO project. ICO whitepaper needs a team of experienced technology writers with deep knowledge of crypto projects, Bitcoin, ethereum and ICOs.

An excellent, well researched whitepaper is the foundation of your Initial Coin Offering. You need to get your ICO with a professionally-written whitepaper, NCryptBit offering well researched ICO Whitepaper writing services for Initial Coin Offering (ICO) and crypto coin development.

To make is attractive one have to conceptualize and draw the images by hand and get them designed by a graphic designer. The whitepaper as outcome should be a final product of technical writer and graphic designer who can use fonts, color combination in proper format.

NOT for Every Other Content Writer

This is NOT a job of normal content writer, there are some providers who really don't understand the blockchain world and neither interested in it but want to make money charging a high price for it.

They got attracted for blockchain project because this has huge demand and companies are paying handsome amount.

ico whitepaper services

The Marketing Document

    Lastly, we have to take are that the white paper must channel the audiences through the marketing funnel, from generating a lead to converting. This is a process of 4 stages, Awareness, Interest, Desire, and Action. Every ICO white paper must :

  • Make the audience aware of the existing problem and the solution that defines the existence of product.
  • If the audience is aware, have to generate the interest by highlighting the key differentiators of product.
  • An interested audience will do some research of their own and desire answers for a few questions. Have to be ready to answer them in the paper itself.
  • An interested audience is highly likely to buy the product, so think of intuitive actionable items and CTAs.

If you need consultation, want to discuss the crypto startup idea, feel free to submit your details through contact form, We want to buy with confidence. It’s easy get boost your ICO, Cryto startups, Don’t wait, get a Quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

Well, we need to discuss about ICO project, may be it need 2000 words or may be more than 5000 words. Usually the whitepapers do have 5000 words which includes images.
We don't have a fixed package for ICO whitepaper writing services, but offer customised packages which according to your budget for it. Please open a ticket to discuss your ICO project.
Yes, are obsessed with a white paper design, it allows us to make design cohesive with a corporate identity, also will be adding creative to look more professional.
Delivery timeline will be 5-8 working days, we appreciate quick response during feedback sessions which is root cause of delays in delivery.

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