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OTHERSIDE FARMS is an on going activist in marijuana education and awareness of all things medical marijuana. It continues to pride ourselves in educating others about medical marijuana facts, from its history to growing safely for personal use, to being involved in several Cannabis research programs. OthersideFarms also have experience in developing superior plant genetics and are the original creator of the Olivia Strain amongst others!  It is through our experience that it wishes to help other patients grow safely for themselves by sharing our knowledge through our Cannabis grow workshops.
For patients who require additional assistance, OthersideFarms specializes in closed grow room environments and offers to grow consultations for qualified patients. Otherside Farms also extends consultation services nationwide to States with legal active Medical Marijuana programs.  For local consultations, Otherside Farms offers consultations to patient’s new or existing grow rooms and will make recommendations to a plan that enables optimal efficiency. Otherside Farms has a superlative plan that we know works, and we are here to help patients succeed.
Our writers include CBD experts, media staff, contributors, entrepreneurs, bloggers and well-known cannabis journalists. We will make sure the writer will draft a 700-1000 word article about your CBD project or cannabis business that will include a quote from a company representative, CEO/founder or anyone of your choice. The article will be published on this premium media publications and will contain a permanent natural links. The link to your site will contain a natural anchor text to comply with Google spam policies and you can specify the keywords contained in the article.
Each article we submit will be approved by you after which it is subject to final editorial review and publication. This service is popular with CBD projects, Cannabis businesses, IEOs, ICOs representatives, marketers and multiple organizations within the Cannabis / CBD and alternative industries.
Our Digital PR team will help drive successful business outcomes, by developing meaningful connections for the media publications, reaching your target audiences, nurturing relationships and influencing media.
With our years of experience in the public relations sector and thorough understanding of latest technologies, we connect your startup business with the media, providing you with a platform to tell your story globally and attract ground-breaking coverage in this one of the worlds top publication.
This is purely PR outreach campaign, We don’t have any monetary relationship or deal with any media, staff, journalist or third-party resource. The fee is for our agency & it’s pr team to represent your company and doing outreach for your business/project.
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